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About Me

I'm Justin Ball, a Doctor of music, audio-video engineer, and photographer in Tallahassee, FL. 

Here you can learn more about me, how I got started, and my journey

from professional musician to AV engineer & photographer.

Justin Ball | Tallahassee Photographer  | Tallahassee Videographer | Tallahassee Recording

My Story

Before getting into audio, video, and photography, much of my life was spent studying music. I completed the Doctor of Music in Percussion Performance degree at Florida State University in 2023, where much of my passion for digital media was discovered. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic gave me the time needed to develop an entirely new career path for myself. I started out making videos of myself playing on my drum pad in my living room, and syncing the sheet music so that the viewers could follow along...

After about 18-20 videos like this, I stepped up to creating instructional videos for snare drum. This was where I started earning how to truly "edit" videos...

It was with this instructional video series that I scored my very first editing gig working with Rhythm Monster LLC, where I continue to edit videos. Thanks to my time at Rhythm Monster, I was able to hone my editing skills even further...

Throughout my time at FSU, I learned a LOT about recording percussion instruments, from my teacher, Dr. John Parks IV. In the Spring of 2021, I bought my first camera (Sony a6600), and microphone (Rode NT-1), and recorded an entire series on recording percussion instruments...


By the Fall of 2021, I started getting recording gigs at FSU, including recitals, live performances, competition recordings, and even small business promos. 

I even started doing photography!