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Updated: Jun 1


As a contractor, do you currently use stock photos to represent your work in marketing materials?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Sometimes

  • I'm not sure...

Please stop letting your 3rd party marketing agencies use STOCK PHOTOS to represent YOUR WORK! Sure, it's legal, but for those who know about Google Lens , it can be pretty embarrasing. (simply right click on the image, click "Search image with Google," and it will show you every website containing that image).

We combed through 50 local Tallahassee contractor's social media pages. Of those 50, 18 of them were guilty of were using a 3rd party marketing agency (We could tell within the first 5 seconds). Of those 18, 13 were regularly using stock photos found on the internet that are unauthentic.

While you may be okay with it, this is equivalent to a videographer screen-shotting a short clip from a cinematic Netflix documentary, emailing it to a potential client, and saying, "here's an example of my work."

Do you believe using stock photos affects a contractor's credibility?

  • Yes, negatively

  • No, not really

  • Write an answer

For the record, it's completely legal to use stock photos to promote your business. Anyone can pay for a subcription to license millions of these photos, and yes, there are tons of businesses where this is appropriate (travel agencies, insurance companies, health and wellness businesses, etc.).

In the case of a construction company who BUILDS stuff, however, it's childish, cheap, and not a good way to build trust with the community. With more and more people gaining a stronger understanding of technology, it's only a matter of time before you get called out, or worse, get a bad Google Review because of your lack of genuity.

Imagine if you took 10-20% of your marketing budget for one year and put it towards professional photos & videos of each project that you completed. By the end of the year, you'd have HUNDREDS of assets to promote YOUR work, which you can easily share with your 3rd party marketing agency. These agencies will do whatever they want unless you tell them to.

Would you be willing to invest in professional photos and videos to showcase your work if it meant building more trust with potential clients?

  • Yes, definitely

  • Maybe, if it's cost-effective

  • No, I don't see the value

You can easily do this for $250-350 per project, which, considering the commission you'll be earning, is incredibly cheap.

In fact, this is the absolute cheapest service that I offer, because I'm super passionate about the subject, appreciate the value, and genuinely want businesses that I work with to succeed.



All content in video featuring McManus Kitchen & Bath (ranking No. 1 on Google for most keywords related to Kitchen & Bath Remodels in Florida)


The focus of the batch content videography package is to produce a comprehensive library of visual assets to increase engagement for your business. The primary purpose of these assets is to fuel your social media presence, engaging your audience with visually compelling content that resonates with potential buyers.


  • Enhanced Property Presentation (including drone footage)

  • Increased Online Visibility, Engagement, and Connection

  • Brand Differentiation in a Competitive Market

  • Lead Generation

  • Showcasing the Consistency of Your Business

  • Quick Turnaround and Time Efficiency

  • Demonstrate Expertise in the Real Estate Industry


15-20 short video clips per project

  • 4K, 60fps, 10-bit color

  • Formatted for your website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms of your choosing.

Guaranteed delivery within 72 hours (36 on avg)

  • Delivered via any 3rd party file-sharing platform of your choosing.

  • Clean organization of media, ensuring easy navigation and compatibility with various online platforms, social media, and real estate websites.


  • $250-$350 per project

  • $25/hr travel cost + $0.67/mile




Tallahassee Photo & Video


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