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How to Add an End Screen to Your YouTube Videos

End screens are an effective way to keep viewers engaged with your content, direct them to other videos or playlists, encourage subscriptions, and promote external links. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add an end screen to your YouTube video:

Step 1: Upload Your Video

  1. Log In to YouTube Studio: Navigate to YouTube Studio.

  2. Upload Your Video: Click on the “Create” button and select “Upload Videos.” Follow the prompts to upload your video file.

Step 2: Access the End Screen Feature

  1. Navigate to Content: In the left-hand menu, click on “Content” to see a list of your uploaded videos.

  2. Select a Video: Click on the video you want to add an end screen to. This will open the video details page.

Step 3: Add an End Screen

  1. Go to Editor: Click on “Editor” in the left-hand menu of the video details page.

  2. Add Element: In the timeline at the bottom, you’ll see the “End screen” section. Click on the “+ Add element” button. You can add up to four elements to your end screen, including:

  • Video or Playlist: Direct viewers to a specific video or playlist.

  • Subscribe: Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel.

  • Channel: Promote another channel.

  • Link: Link to an approved website (available if you are a part of the YouTube Partner Program).

Step 4: Customize Your End Screen

  1. Choose Template: You can either use a pre-made template or create a custom layout. Templates offer various configurations of elements.

  2. Position Elements: Drag and drop the elements to arrange them on the screen. Adjust the size and positioning as needed.

  3. Set Duration: Set the start time for your end screen elements. They typically appear in the last 5-20 seconds of your video.

  4. Preview: Use the preview feature to see how your end screen will look.

Step 5: Save Your Changes

  1. Save and Publish: Once you’re satisfied with your end screen, click on “Save” to apply the changes to your video.

  2. Publish Your Video: If your video is not yet published, click “Next” to go through the final steps of the upload process and publish your video.


Tips for Effective End Screens

  • Keep It Simple: Don’t clutter the end screen with too many elements. Focus on key actions you want viewers to take.

  • Be Consistent: Use end screens consistently across your videos to create a familiar viewer experience.

  • Use Clear CTAs: Clearly communicate what you want viewers to do, whether it’s watching another video, subscribing, or visiting your website.

Adding an end screen to your YouTube videos is a powerful way to boost engagement and direct traffic to your other content. With these steps, you can create effective end screens that enhance the viewer experience and help grow your channel.

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