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Drone Photo & Video Tallahassee, FL

Welcome to Tallahassee Photo & Video, the fastest source for drone photo and video work in Tallahassee, FL. Whether you're looking to capture breathtaking landscapes, showcase real estate properties, or document special events, our FAA certified drone pilots and photographers are here to bring your vision to life from a whole new perspective.

Drone photography offers a unique viewpoint that traditional ground-based photography simply can't match. With our state-of-the-art drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, Our Drone Videographer can capture stunning aerial shots that showcase Tallahassee's beauty like never before. From sweeping panoramic views of the city skyline to intimate close-ups of natural landmarks, our drone photography services allow you to see Tallahassee from a whole new angle.

FAA Certified

Our drone operators are compliant and certified by the FAA through Part 107. 

 Operating from Tallahassee, FL, we offer comprehensive commercial drone piloting services for construction, real estate, and so much more.


Boost your home-selling game with an eye-catching real estate drone video for your listing. Unlike regular photos, drone footage shows off cool angles and details of your property, giving potential buyers a sneak peek into their possible new home.


From showing off the lively neighborhood and neat roof to highlighting beautiful backyard views, real estate drone videos make your listing pop. Give potential buyers a full view of your property, getting them excited and showing off all the great things about your home.


Let's face it, the real esate industry is competitive, and ALL real estate agents use photos. They are a necessary and vital part of the process. However, most real estate agents say to their clients,"I'll do everything in my power to help sell this home.


Well, you ARE NOT doing EVERYTHING in your power unless you're also paying for professional video of the property as well... Photos lack the three-dimensional characteristics vital for gaining a true sense and full scope of the property. 



Aerial videos add depth and dynamism to your marketing efforts, making your listings more memorable and shareable. In Tallahassee, FL, our drone videographers help elevate your marketing campaigns, increasing brand visibility and attracting potential clients in search of real estate services.


Incorporating drone videos into your marketing strategy elevates your professional image and credibility as a real estate agent or broker in Tallahassee, FL. Our top-notch aerial videography services reflect your commitment to excellence, enhancing your reputation and attracting clients seeking premium services.


Including drone videos in your listings boosts online engagement, as they stand out in search results and social media feeds. In Tallahassee, FL, our drone videography services optimize your online presence, attracting more clicks, likes, and shares, ultimately driving more leads and sales.

Drone Videography Services in Tallahassee FL

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Whether you're a Tallahassee realtor looking to showcase a property or a homeowner looking to capture the beauty of your home from above, our Tallahassee Drone Videography Real Estate services are perfect for capturing stunning aerial shots that will make your property stand out from the rest.

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Our Tallahassee Drone Videographer specializes in creating cinematic content for your real estate videos. Combine these with in-house footage captured with professional full-frame cameras and produce a real estate video that will BLOW your competition out of the water!




15 HD aerial images



1 HD Drone video,

1-2 minutes in length



15 HD aerial images

1-2 minute Drone Video

*Packages above do not include travel cost. Travel is charged at a rate of $50/hr + $0.67/mi. 
Rates for real estate work including INSIDE shots can be found on the REAL ESTATE page.

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Aerial View of an Estate Home
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10 MORE Reasons to Start Using Drone Photo & Video In Tallahassee FL

1. Elevate Your Tallahassee Listings: With our drone photography and videography services, we can provide captivating aerial perspectives of your Tallahassee properties, showcasing their unique features and surrounding landscapes to attract more potential buyers.


2. Optimized for Tallahassee Real Estate Market: Our Drone Videography services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the Tallahassee real estate market, ensuring that your listings are optimized with high-quality aerial imagery and targeted keywords to maximize visibility and engagement.


3. Increase Online Visibility: By incorporating drone photography and videography into your Tallahassee property listings, you can increase online visibility and attract more attention from prospective buyers searching for homes in the area.


4. Local Expertise: As local drone pilots and aerial videographers based in Tallahassee, FL, we have a deep understanding of the local landscape and can capture the beauty of the city from unique aerial perspectives that will impress potential buyers.


5. Fast Turnaround: We understand the importance of timely delivery in the real estate industry. That's why we offer quick turnaround times for our drone photography and videography services, ensuring that your Tallahassee listings are ready to go live as soon as possible.


6. Comprehensive Services: Whether you're a real estate agent, homeowner, or property developer, we offer a range of drone photography and videography services to meet your needs, including aerial property tours, 360-degree panoramas, and virtual walkthroughs.


7. Professional Quality: Our team is equipped with the latest drone technology and high-resolution cameras to deliver professional-quality aerial imagery and videos that will impress even the most discerning buyers in Tallahassee, FL.


8. Local SEO Optimization: We understand the importance of local SEO for reaching potential clients in Tallahassee. That's why we optimize our content with relevant keywords and location-specific phrases to ensure that your Tallahassee property listings rank high in Google searches.


9. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with you to understand your vision and deliver aerial imagery and videos that exceed your expectations, helping you sell your Tallahassee properties faster and for the best possible price.


10. Get Started Today: Ready to take your Tallahassee property listings to new heights with our drone photography and videography services? Contact us now to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you stand out in the competitive Tallahassee real estate market!

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