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Did you know that listings with VIDEOS get 403% MORE inquiries than those without?

In 2020, 63% of folks who bought homes did so based on a virtual tour. 

Properties with aerial videos and photos sell 68% FASTER than those with ground-level images. (source


How many times have you told a client or advertised to the public, "I'll do everything in my power to sell this home as quickly as possible." Well, if you're NOT using video to market your listings, then you AREN'T doing EVERYTHING in your power for your client like you say you are... 


     "If you don't pay money to acquire a new customer, you don't have a business."  - Sabri Suby


No, this doesn't mean taking a bunch of photos, lining them up with music and turning them into a video... This is a cheap service (called a "reel") that many photographers offer because they don't have the dedication to learn how to do video professionally. 

At Tallahassee Photo & Video, we are highly skilled professionals in real estate photography, cinematic video tours, and Part 107 FAA certified drone pilots. 

Our photography services utilize 24MP HDR (high-dynamic range) images, shot on full-frame mirrorless cameras, years of knowledge, research, and experience in professional photo editing software, products like Topaz Gigapixel AI to upscale images for maximum quality, and know exactly which aspect ratios to use for each platform (websites vs Instagram vs Facebook, etc.) - doing EVERYTHING in our power to help you sell the home as quickly as possible. 

Our videos are shot on full-frame mirrorless camera at a quality that smartphones will NEVER be capable of... We invest time in ourselves, constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve our craft to take things to the next level for our clients - doing EVERYTHING in our power to help you sell the home as quickly as possible. 

We take the time to make sure that our drone videographers are certified Part 107 FAA certified drone pilots, with knowledge of local airspace regulations, trends in drone photo and videography, and experience to do the job quickly & efficiently - doing EVERYTHING in our power to help you sell the home as quickly as possible. 

Real Estate Listing | 106 Country Club Dr.

Real Estate Listing | 234 Glover Ln.



Sometimes it can be difficult to sell a piece of land with just photos. They lack the three-dimensional characteristics vital for gaining a true sense and full scope of the property.


When attempting to sell a piece of land, we try to focus on selling the LIFESTYLE. That's why we do our best to capture and incorporate footage from local landmarks, amenities, and other area highlights that may be appealing to potential buyers. The footage from these landmarks is also recyclable, making it quick & easy for us to find clips associated with the location of the property.


We also like to incoporate branding into each video. If you're spending additional marketing budget on a video, we want you to make sure that YOU, the seller, gain additional exposure as well. We'll take the time to shoot a few clips of you on-site, which we turn into an end-reel, similar to what you see in this video.


Sure, photos are necessary, but they're boring... A true video professional can take that boring, empty piece of land and turn it into an appealing, engaging, and marketable opportunity, not just for potential buyers, but for your barnding efforts as a real estate agent or broker.


Looking to showcase your property listing with MORE than static photos???

Give us a call today and let us show you just how impactful video can be for your next property listing.

Land Development | Lake Talquin Homesite

Testimonial from Dennis.png

Land Development | Vacant Lot in Quincy, FL

Land Development | Firing Range in Florida

Why Choose Real Estate Video Over Photos?

Immersive Experience

Real estate videos provide a more immersive experience for potential buyers.


With video, viewers can virtually walk through a property, experiencing the flow of spaces, getting a sense of scale, and understanding the layout in a way that static photos cannot convey.


This immersive experience helps prospective buyers emotionally connect with the property, leading to a more informed and confident decision.

Highlighting Unique Features

Videos allow for a comprehensive showcase of a property's unique features.

A videographer can capture not only the aesthetics but also the functionality of different rooms and exterior spaces.


This is particularly beneficial for highlighting special amenities, architectural details, or the overall ambiance of a property.

By showcasing these aspects in motion, videos provide a more in-depth understanding of what the property has to offer.

Storytelling and Lifestyle 

Real estate videos enable effective storytelling, allowing the videographer to create a narrative around the property and its surroundings.


This narrative can include the lifestyle that comes with living in the Tallahassee area, showcasing local attractions, parks, and community features.


By incorporating lifestyle elements, real estate videos not only sell a property but also sell a potential lifestyle, resonating with the aspirations of the target audience.

Tallahassee Real Estate Photography

As your dedicated Real Estate Photographer in Tallahassee, we understand the importance of visual storytelling in the competitive real estate market. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in capturing the unique charm of Tallahassee's diverse real estate offerings. Tallahassee Photo & Video has years of experience shooting real estate photography, and offers package deals that included photography AND videography.


Our professional photography services aim to elevate your property listings, providing potential buyers with a captivating visual experience. From cozy suburban homes to downtown condominiums, we tailor our approach to showcase each property's distinctive features. As the go-to Real Estate Photographer in Tallahassee, we utilize cutting-edge equipment and techniques, ensuring that your listings stand out in an increasingly digital landscape.


Whether you're a real estate agent, homeowner, or property developer, our goal is to bring out the best in every space. With an emphasis on quality, consistency, and a quick turnaround, we are dedicated to providing you with stunning imagery that tells the story of each property. Trust us to be your partner in visual excellence—your premier Real Estate Photographer in Tallahassee.

BULK Video Content 

Time Efficiency and Consistency

Batch video content creation allows contractors to efficiently produce multiple videos in a single dedicated session.


By recording and planning content in batches, contractors can save time compared to creating individual videos separately.


This approach ensures a consistent and cohesive message across all videos, maintaining a professional and polished brand image.

Streamlined Marketing Campaigns

Batch video content is an excellent strategy for contractors looking to execute comprehensive and sustained marketing campaigns.


By creating a series of videos at once, contractors can plan and schedule releases strategically.


This approach helps maintain a regular presence on social media platforms, websites, and other marketing channels, keeping the audience engaged over an extended period and building brand awareness.

Cost-Effectiveness and Resource Optimization

Producing videos in batches can lead to cost savings and resource optimization for contractors.


By consolidating the production process, contractors can potentially negotiate better rates with videographers or allocate resources more efficiently if producing videos in-house.


Additionally, batching allows contractors to plan and organize the necessary equipment, locations, and personnel, minimizing downtime and increasing overall efficiency.

Are you a builder, contractor, or remodeler looking to step up your social media game? We offer bulk content packages that help businesses create a LIBRARY of content that can be stretched out over time! 

At Tallahassee Photo & Video, the process is simple: We come out and shoot video of your completed project (remodel, finished flooring, house or construction, etc.), and you receive 15-20 video clips, each formatted for social media platforms such as your website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok! Check out the Batch Video Content page for more info!

The samples below are from a client that is currently ranking first for most keywords relating to kitchen & bathroom remodels, not JUST in Tallahassee, but in all of Florida! As you can see, a HUGE part of their marketing strategy is..... VIDEO!!!

Bathroom Remodel | McManus Kitchen & Bath

Kitchen Remodel | McManus Kitchen & Bath

Bathroom Remodel | McManus Kitchen & Bath

Southern Home Staging Co., Tallahassee FL


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