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Offering on-location recording services for classical, jazz, and vocal musicians.

Represent your musical talent at the highest level possible. 

BASIC Recording Session

Simple, Quick, and Affordable. Great for pre-screening audition recordings, competition recordings, or simple portfolio recordings for your website. See RECITAL RECORDINGS page for live performance rates. 


Price: $75/hr + $50 post-production per session

  • 2-hour recording session minimum

  • Stereo Audi

  • 1 camera angle (shot in 4K on the a7S III)

  • Location of your choice ($50 off-campus travel fee)

  • Guaranteed delivery within 24 hrs

  • Audio-Only Recordings are $75/hr + $50 post-production

High Quality

Smartphones & Zoom recorders are great for quick reference in the practice room!

However, these devices can't compete with full-frame mirrorless cameras & modern high-end audio recording gear


Just like you invest in a quality instrument, a recording engineer has all of the necessary gear & skills to produce a top notch product. 


While a live performance only happens once, recordings last a lifetime...

Live performances never live up to our expectations, and, unfortunately, musicians don't get "do-overs."


Recording gives you the opportunity to reach for the level that you KNOW you are capable of, without the added stress of a live audience. 

Stress Free

Hiring someone else to record means that YOU (the performer) get to focus solely on your playing.


Everything is set up & ready to go when you arrive. 


All you have to do is show up & play...

CLASSIC Recording Session

Improve your sound & look with additional mics and camera angles. Great for recitals, live performances/events, and portfolio materials.


Price: $100/hr + $100 post-production

  • 2-4 hour recording session (2 hr minimum)

  • Stereo Audio + spot mic

  • 2 camera angles (shot in 4K @ 24-60fps)

  • Location of your choice ($50 off-campus travel fee)

  • Guaranteed delivery within 48 hrs

Build a Strong Portfolio

Having a strong performance portfolio is crucial aspect of acquiring gigs, scoring interviews, winning jobs, and advancing in competitions. 


Before hiring ANYONE for a service, you'd like to see some of their work, right? Music is a service like any other, and, potential clients won't hire you without seeing your work first...

If your portfolio is nonexistent (or out of date), it could cost you valuable performance opportunities. 

Gain a
Competitive Edge

In competitive situations, recordings are the very first barrier to entry. Looking to score an interview for your first university teaching gig, make it to the live round of a professional orchestra audition, or be invited to the live round of a prestigious competition?

Chances are that many (if not most) of your other competitors will have their submission recorded professionally. In the final stages of preparation, the only thing that could possibly make your submission any better is to have it captured by a professional. 

Gain Credibility

A portfolio of professionally recorded materials demonstrates your willingness to invest in yourself, your appearance, and your future. 

It encapsulates your musicianship, diligence, professionalism, respect for your craft, and so many other qualities which employers are looking for in their applicants.  

PREMIUM Recording Session

Make recording easier by recording 4 separate chunks, edited together into a seamless final product. Create variety with more cameras, more mics, and add motion with motorized sliders. 


Price: $150/hr + $50 post-production per minute of final video. 

  • 3-6 hour recording session (3 hr min - $200/hr for anything less than 2 hrs)

  • Stereo Audio + up to 6 spot mics

  • 3 camera angles (shot in 4K @ 24-60fps)

    • 1x wide stationary

    • 2x motorized sliders​

  • Location of your choice ($50 off-campus travel fee)

  • Guaranteed delivery within 5 days

  • Up to 4 edits (+$25 per additional edit)

  • 1 Revisions

too expensive

How much did you pay your accompanist?

How many hours did you practice JUST for this one recital?

How much are you spending on your degree?

How much did you invest in your instrument?

How much will you earn when a professional recording lands you a tenure-track job?

Can you really afford to wait?


If a job opened up tomorrow, would you have submission materials ready to go?

I have my own recording gear

That's GREAT! Every musician should own basic recording gear!


 However, the gear itself does not produce great recordings - just like buying a newer, more expensive instrument won't fix issues with your playing...

Recording is just like any other skill. It takes years of practice, determination, and experience to develop the eyes & ears for what looks & sounds great. 

CINEMATIC Recording Session

Experience what it's like to create a true "music video," with audio and video recorded separately, all of the mics, all of the cameras, custom lighting, and cinematic gimbal footage. Experience the meaning of "recording professionally."


Price: $250/hr + $50 post-production per minute of final video. 

  • 4-8 hour recording session (4 hr minimum)

  • Video and Audio Recorded Separately (custom IEMs with click tracks)

  • Up to 16 mics

  • Up to 5 camera angles (shot in 4K @ 24-60fps)

    • 1x wide stationary

    • Motorized sliders​

    • Cinematic Gimbal Footage

  • Professional Lighting 

  • Location of your choice ($50 off-campus travel fee)

  • Guaranteed delivery within 14 days

  • Up to 10 edits (+$25 per additional edit)

  • Up to 2 Revisions

Let's Work Together!!!

Which Recording Session are you interested in?

Looking forward to working with you!

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