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Welcome to Tallahassee Photo & Video, your go-to destination for comprehensive commercial video production services in Tallahassee. With a focus on enhancing your brand's visibility and impact, we combine technical experience with creativity to deliver exceptional results. Tallahassee Photo & Video specializes in creating compelling content for various purposes, including:

- Commercial Video production
- Promotional Videos 
- Speaker Recordings Video
- Event Recap Videos
- Interviews Video
- Social Media Marketing Videos
- Green Screen Video

Teleprompter Video - A teleprompter is a device that allows you to look directly into the camera lens while reading from a script. The script is reflected off of a transparent piece of glass, allowing you to make eye contact with your audience while reading your message. At Tallahassee Photo & Video, we are equipped with modern technology that allows you to do this! This result is much more professional, personal, engaging, and free of distractions. Teleprompters are perfect for clients looking to create videos quickly without the added time or memorizing a script. The video below was made using a teleprompter...

Dr. Gerald Jones | Keynote Speaker

3 Reasons to Invest in
Video Marketing

Boosting brand awareness

The visibility of your brand directly impacts its success; without awareness, there's no potential for customer acquisition. Those who become acquainted with your product or service are the ones likely to transition into customers. Reflect on your own social media habits—just as you engage with videos, your prospective consumers do too. Therefore, it's crucial for your product to be featured among these videos to capture the attention of your target audience. In essence, the more exposure your brand receives through video content on social media, the greater the opportunity for turning viewers into future customers.

Conversion Rate

Incorporating a video into your landing page has the potential to boost your conversion rate by an impressive 80%. If your current sales rate is satisfactory even without a webpage video, envision the heightened sales opportunities that could arise by integrating one. A valuable application of video content is providing consumers with a practical demonstration of your products or services. By visually showcasing what you offer, you not only enhance engagement but also create a more immersive and convincing experience for potential customers. Consider the untapped potential that a well-crafted video could unlock for your business's growth and sales performance.


Establishing trust is paramount for online consumer transactions. Without trust, online purchases are unlikely. Millennials, in particular, rely on videos as a key source for shaping their perspectives. Utilizing video content is instrumental in fostering customer engagement, a crucial step in the trust-building process. Video not only communicates your message effectively but also adds a human touch, providing transparency and authenticity that resonates with potential customers. In essence, leveraging video in your online presence is a strategic approach to instill confidence, essential for converting viewers into trusting customers.

Elevate your brand's presence with Tallahassee Photo & Video's unparalleled commercial video production services in Tallahassee. Contact us today to discuss how we can transform your ideas into visually stunning and impactful content, making your message stand out in the competitive market.

Ryan K. Holly Jr | Generation Revival Church

Looking to share your unique story, passion, or profession? Tallahassee Photo & Video is your top choice for documentaries, walkthroughs, and speaker recordings. 

Rich Fell | Piano Technician


Individuals grasp information more swiftly through video content compared to reading or viewing static images. The efficiency of conveying points is significantly higher in videos than in written or other visual formats. When faced with a decision between video and text, approximately 72% of internet users opt for video. Video's dynamic nature allows for a more immediate and engaging communication of ideas, making it the preferred choice for the majority of web users when seeking information or absorbing content. In essence, the visual and auditory elements of video contribute to a more efficient and preferred mode of learning and information consumption.



Every day, consumers turn to search engines as a routine to discover products, services, and information. The integration of videos into your content strategy not only enhances search engine optimization but also directs consumers to explore your website. Google, a prominent search engine, features videos in 55% of its searches, and a substantial 82% of these videos originate from YouTube. Leveraging video content not only boosts your online visibility but also aligns with prevalent consumer search behavior, making it a strategic approach to attract and engage your target audience effectively. In essence, embracing videos in your online presence can significantly impact your search engine rankings and drive valuable traffic to your site.


Around 1.9 billion individuals access YouTube on a monthly basis, making it a highly frequented platform. In terms of statistics, YouTube has a broader reach among individuals aged 18 to 48 compared to traditional television networks. When targeting millennials specifically, utilizing YouTube becomes essential, as this demographic is more inclined to use the platform as an educational resource. Therefore, for effective outreach to the millennial audience, incorporating YouTube into your strategy is crucial, given its widespread popularity and appeal as a preferred learning tool for this demographic.

Create a short, scripted video ad for your Tallahassee business. We'll help you with the script so that all you need to do is show up, read it, and leave the rest to us!

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