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10 Video Ideas for your Remodeling Business

Updated: Jun 2

If you're a remodeler and you're reading this, it probably feels like professional development. I'm sure that you've heard about the importance of video before, but did you ever get around to implementing it? Perhaps it's because you didn't know where to start. Or maybe you got the impression that the whole video thing was just too much work... Maybe you've tried some of these things in the past and it just hasn't ever worked because of A, B, or C. Well, video IS an important element in any business, and implementing it can be much easier than you might be giving it credit for.


How DO Remodeling Companies Benefit From Video?

  • Longer Dwell Time Than Photos - People will WATCH a video much longer than they will stare at a photo...

  • Diversity of Content - Complete the content diversity triangle between text, photos, and.....VIDEO

  • Showcasing Craftsmanship - Video allows remodeling companies to visually showcase completed projects. High-quality footage can highlight the transformation, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, providing potential clients with a compelling preview of the company's capabilities.

  • Virtual Tours of Completed Projects - Offering virtual tours of completed projects allows potential clients to experience the renovated space virtually. This immersive approach helps them envision the quality of your work and the potential of their own projects.

  • Client Testimonials & Reviews - Video testimonials from satisfied clients add a personal touch to your marketing efforts. Hearing clients share their positive experiences and showcasing the final results can build trust and credibility, influencing potential clients in their decision-making process.

  • Highlighting Specialties - If your remodeling company offers specialized services, such as custom cabinetry or smart home integrations, use video to showcase these unique offerings. Visual demonstrations can effectively communicate the value of these services.

  • Educating Your Target Audience - Educate viewers about the various aspects of remodeling, such as the latest design trends, material choices, or eco-friendly practices. Establishing your company as a knowledgeable authority in the field can attract and retain clients.

  • Boosting SEO (Backlinks) - Video content can contribute significantly to improve SEO rankings. Platforms like YouTube are powerful search engines, and optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags can help your remodeling business appear in relevant search results.


10 Ways To Improve Your Remodeling Business With Video

1. Company Culture/About Us Videos

Having one video that explains who you are and what you do can be an invaluable asset to your business. It's an opportunity to connect with your audience, show what makes your business unique, and make a great first impression with whoever comes across the video. These videos are great for the top of the front page or the "About Us" page of your website or pinned to the top of social media pages. The great thing about this type of video is that the information in it doesn't expire.


2. Job-Site BTS & Time-Lapse Videos

On the job footage is super quick and easy to capture, and doesn't require a ton of time and energy. You don't have to be in front of the camera (that's the best part!) and can easily upload to Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform you utilize for marketing.

Behind the scenes & time-Lapse videos are great ways to showcase the process of each transformation.

Method 1: Setup any old iPhone or GoPro capable of shooting video in the corner during a remodel. Not only will these work well for short and quick social media posts, but they can also be combined into a single timeline to create a timelapse video of the entire project. Throw some simple background music on there, and you've got something special that resonates with you, your client, and potential clients that may see the video. A professional video editor can do this quickly, easily, and affordably.

Method 2: Take video of the important parts of the project, send them to a video editor, and have them create a full timelapse video of the project. The following timelapse of a small bathroom remodel has over 3 million views, and none of it was shot professionally:

"Behind the scenes" doesn't apply exclusively to jobsite footage. This bathroom remodeling company made a video showing potential clients how they're working remotely behind the scenes during COVID-19. These types of videos also give potential clients a glimpse of what it will be like working with you.


Virtual walkthroughs of completed projects are great for documentation, marketing, and showcasing the finer details of your work. Depending on how serious you are, you can either do this yourself hire professional video services.

Method 1: Do a virtual walkthrough on your phone and upload directly to social media.

Method 2: Hire a professional videographer to create batch content that you can stretch out over the course of a few months (or even years!) A professional videographer knows how to optimize each of the videos for the various platforms your business utilizes for marketing, such as your website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It's also relatively inexpensive, averaging $250-$350 per project. 3rd party marketing agencies LOVE this approach, as it creates a library of authentic content that they can pull from to help market your business.

These can also be much more detailed, with you in the shot vocalizing the details of the remodel:

Or even giving a full, live tour of the final result:


4. Showroom Tours

If you're a brick and mortar remodeling business, chances are you either already have a showroom, and if not, it's on your to-do list. A showroom provides a tangible and immersive experience for customers to physically see & touch the variety of materials that they might want for their remodel.

Method 1 : Do a virtual walkthrough using your phone in landscape mode.

Method 2: Hire a professional videographer to create batch content of your showroom that can be formatted for the various marketing platforms such as your website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can also film a virtual tour of your showroom, discussing how your business utilizes it to make the best decisions for your clients.


5.1 Educational Content - Q&A Videos

Recorded short, quick videos streamlining answers to some of the most common questions you've had from clients over the years. Posting short videos like this showcases your willingness to engage with the public, and increases your approachability as the face of your business. It's also another way of demonstrating expertise in your field.

Example 1: Bathroom FAQs (shot by Tallahassee Photo & Video)

Example 2: Kitchen Remodeling FAQs (shot by Tallahassee Photo & Video)

5.2 Establishing Expertise In Your Field

Establish yourself as an authority/expert in your field, attracting clients seeking professional guidance. Share your expertise by creating videos offering valuable tips and advice on home remodeling.

Example 1: Pros and Cons of a Built-in Refrigerator

Example 2: The Only Skylight I'll Install on my Builds

Example 3: Kitchens Without Upper Cabinets

6.1. How To Videos

Remodeling projects involve decisions & terminology that clients may not always be familiar with. Educational videos help demystify the remodeling journey, explaining concepts, materials, and procedures in an accessible way. This empowers clients to make informed decisions, leading to greater overall satisfaction.

Creating educational content can also cut back on the amount of time spent explaining things to your customers. For example, a potential client asks you what types of bathroom tile there are. Imagine being able to send them a video of YOU explaining the various types of bathroom tile:

Example 1: How Do I Choose Bathroom Tile?

Example 2: What To Look For Before Hiring Your Contractor

There is also just as much value in showing client what NOT to do...

6.2. Pricing Breakdown Videos

Record a video of yourself walking viewers through the pricing breakdown of a full project. Send the footage & photos from the project to a video editor, and have them turn your case studies into apricing breakdown video. It may be overkill to consider doing this for EVERY project, but having 1-2 of these to walk clients through projects of various sizes can be helpful.


7. Client Testimonials

For clients who seem more personable, ask them if they'd be willing to shoot a testimonial video. You can have them discuss what their goals were for the project, what their expectations were, and how they felt that you fulfilled each of those expectations. Client testimonials can take many shapes & forms, including a video of just the client, or adding a variety of "B-Roll," music, and branding that captivates the meaningfulness of the remodel. If you hire a video production services, these videos can also be scripted, allowing the client to read a prepared statement from a teleprompter.

Example 1: Home Remodel in Roswell, Georgia

Example 2: Client Testimonial with Project Tour


One of the best ways that you can humanize the diversity of your business is with "Meet the Team" videos. Clients are more likely to connect with REAL PEOPLE, whose personality fosters a sense of trust. Introducing all of the individuals who make up your remodeling business enhances brand transparency, displays company culture, and strengthens connections between clients AND team members. Investing in videos like this will also boost team morale - it shows your current employees that they matter to you, and their work (whether it be public or behind the scenes) is appreciated.

Lastly, these videos are a great way for NEW team members to get to know the team during the onboarding process. When you post a new job listing for your business, potential candidates can watch these videos to get to know you, your team members, and decide whether they'd be a good fit or not.

Example 1: Kevin Dawkins, Warehouse Manager (shot by TPV)

Example 2: Elliot Holtom, Project Manager, McManus Kitchen & Bath (shot by TPV)

Example 3: Stephanie Jen, Designer, McManus Kitchen & Bath (shot by TPV)


9. State of The Industry Videos

Create short clips of you talking about your industry, such as current or upcoming trends. These are great for those who want to start building a following, particularly on YouTube where you have the option to monetize content!


10. Product Demos

Video is a great way to showcase products you frequent from your vendors and suppliers. Promoting their business is another great way to show your support for other businesses. When you share a product demo and tag the creator, they're more likely to SHARE that content. This kind of relationship is great for both parties & results in shared growth.


Now for the REAL Question... DOES IT WORK?

Unfortunately, without having questionnaires attached to each phone call, text, or email you receive, there really isn't a way of knowing is there?

If video does NOT work for you, it likely has nothing to do with the quality of the video, and everything to do with how the video is being implemented. A few examples of this include

  • posting the video with no description, title, or tags

  • posting it to the wrong platform (for example, a horizontal Instagram Story)

  • not posting the video at all


How to Get Started With Video in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee Photo & Video is a local video production business specializing in commercial, real estate, instructional and music videos. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to produce professional-quality video products at affordable prices. All of the videos listed above combine 3 of our 4 specialties: Commercial, Instructional and Real Estate. To check out some of our work, visit our website, where you'll find tons of videos that represent the quality of our work.


Tallahassee Photo & Video



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