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Record an entire MONTH'S worth of content in 1 Hour!

Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could create an entire month's worth of content in 1 hour? Well, that's exactly what you'd be doing with our "Social Media Interview Offer." You'll write out 12-15 questions about your business, ranging from simple to complex. We'll set up a time to shoot a multi-camera interview with you, where you'll answer each question one-by-one, either scripted or unscripted. We take that footage and turn it into 12-15 masterfully crafted videos, write descriptions for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and organize everything for you to be able to post in a few seconds!

DOMINATE Your Competitors
with Strategic Content Creation

One of the best reasons to start putting out content in 2024 is to demonstrate authority in your industry. If you're a business owner or professional of any sort, chances are you know a thing or two about your profession. Sharing that knowledge is one of the most basic and effective ways to start building relationships with potential clients, communities, vendors, and even competitors. By showing the public that you care enough to get on camera and answer their questions, you're building a brand of trust, transparency, and investing in their well-being. 

Streamline answer to common questions you've had from clients over the years...

It's Never Been Easier...

At Tallahassee Photo & Video, we're not just creating videos for you. We'll write all of the titles and descriptions, find the best hashtags, and organize everything you need in one place, making it super easy to copy and paste to social media platforms. We'll also coach you through the basics of social media content posting. You'll have access to a resource library of dozens of 60-second video tutorials, walking you through the basics of creating and changing thumbnails, what tags and hashtags to use, which days are best to post for your business, how to schedule several posts in one sitting, and SO much more.


After only 1 MONTH of working with us, you'll be in a position of confidence concerning your social media goals and, hopefully, become ADDICTED to the art of content creation. This isn't just some video business creating videos for you. It's an all-encompassing educational experience.  


Create a Content LIBRARY

After only a few months of working with us, you'll have at LEAST 36 videos that you can post on a whim. This means that you'll have enough content to re-post without being too predictable. SO many businesses re-post content from previous weeks, months, even years! It's a way of staying consistent in your content delivery strategy and letting the public know that you are and your services are there for them!

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