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Small Business Video Advertising in Tallahassee, FL

With the continuous expansion of the digital environment, marketing has become more daunting than ever. Between business websites, Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and a variety of other social media platforms, it's becoming more challenging to determine the right style of video for each platform. Whereas larger businesses tend to focus on numbers and results to draw customers to their business, small businesses have more success focusing on people, personality, relationships, and customer service. Here are a few types of commercial video ideas you can consider for your small business in 2024.

Welcome Video

Welcome videos are great for showcasing the type of services you offer, but more importantly, who YOU are as a business owner. This video gets to the core of why you chose to start this business, what it means to you, and how personally you take your relationship with your clients. Here's an example of a Welcome Video we shot for a local Tallahassee business:

Welcome videos are the perfect digital introduction to your potential customers, and work great at the top of the front page of your business website, pinning to the top of social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram, and even.....ADS!

Store Tours

With so many businesses and products out there, it can difficult to choose. The best way to combat this is with pure transparency. Pictures are great, but they can't accurately portray what it's like to be IN the store! If done correctly, a store tour video can give customers the feeling that they already know you. This is a great to introduce yourself as a business owner, the products and services you're offering, introduce team members, and to demonstrate how passionate you are about your business. Here's an example of a store tour we shot for a local Tallahasse business:

Store Tour videos are great for showcasing the size of your store (or, if done correctly, masking how small it really is!), highlighting special offers, and giving potential customers the opportunity to get to know you and your business!

Batch Content

Content batching refers to capturing TONS of photos & videos all at once, with the goal of stretching that content out over a longer period of time. This creates a library of content for you to post to social media, your website, etc. Third-party marketing agencies LOVE this approach, because it gives them real, authentic content to work with, as opposed to having to represent your business with stock images found on the internet. There's nothing more criminal than using a picture of someone else's work to represent your business. Period. Depending on the size of your business, a professional photographer/videographer can capture a month's worth (or even a year's worth) of content in only a few hours. Considering the value of this content when spread out over the course of several months, it is well worth the investment. Here is a combined sequence of bulk content we shot for a local Tallahassee business:

Bulk content creationg is great for creating a library of shorter, "filler" clips to fill those gaps when you don't have a dedicated message to send to your followers. a simple 5-10 second clip shows your followers that you're still active, but without saying ANYTHING!

Vertical Clips

Vertical content is focused on mobile-friendly delivery. Because people typically hold their phone vertically, social media platforms have opotimized video delivery to include (and even favor the delivery of) content in vertical format. A professional videographer or video production company can easily take a slew of horizontal videos and convert them into vertical clips in a few clicks. Here is an example of a vertical clip taken from a horizontal clips shot for a local Tallahassee business:

Vertical clips are great for Youtube Shorts, Instagram/Facebook Stories, Snapchat,and TikTok

Showcase Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

Some potential customers may be more interested in your expertise as opposed to your personality. This increases the importance of creating content that showcases your expertise in your field. It's a great opportunity to talk about the current status of the industry, or even give a short history lesson. Here's an example of a video we shot for a local Tallahasse business showcasing their expertise in the field:

Videos like this are great for targeting increased engagement for certain age groups, and further demonstrating your knowledge, passion, and expertise in your field.


Incorporating professional video into your advertising strategy demonstrates your willingness to invest in your brand. According to research, video ads receive 12 times more engagement than traditional photo or image ads, and 88% of marketers agree that implementing video has improved their ROI.

Find a Videographer in Tallahassee, FL

Looking for a videographer in Tallahassee, FL that can help you start promoting your business with high-quality video? Tallahassee Photo & Video works with a wide variety of businesses and clients in Tallahassee, offering affordable options for businesses and clients of all sizes!

Just call, text, or email us using the information below, and let's schedule a time for us to meet! We'll come to your business location, get to know you, and discuss what type of video will work best for you and your business!

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